HappyToes 72hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)


Happy Toes Permaculture Project, South Africa (Groot Marico, North West Province) is hosting 72hr Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

Course Dates

7-18th October 2019
2-13th December 2019

About HappyToes

HappyToes Permaculture Project is situated in Groot Marico, North West Province, South Africa, about 2.5 hours’ drive from Johannesburg. HappyToes is a small holding dedicated to growing awareness about permaculture, environmental management and education. It has a huge and growing variety of edible, medicinal and endemic plants. HappyToes is an off-grid, naturally built haven of freshly grown delicacies. 

Jeannine Davidoff manages the HappyToes Permaculture Project where a huge diversity of crops are raised and where PDC learners, interns and volunteers experience theoretical and hands-on interaction with all aspects of permaculture design and practice. 

Since 1990 Jeannine’s involvement with permaculture implementation, material development, consultation and learning across parts of Southern Africa means she can share a great diversity of skills and knowledge with you. 

During the PDC you will explore various aspects of permaculture design and practice. The PDC Outline gives you an idea of the topics covered during the course with us.

HappyToes PDC Outline

Introduction to Permaculture
Ethics and Principles, Design, Pattern Understanding

Climate and Elements
Climatic Factors, Water Management, Soil Management

Earthworks and Natural Building
Buildings and Structure, Design for Catastrophe, Settlement Design

Trees, Seed and Nursery Management
Garden Strategies: Garden Beds, Garden Plans, Wind, Light, Rain, Transpiration; Types of Forest, Seed and Nurseries, Seed saving, Establishment of Forests

Livestock Tractors & Aquaculture
Livestock Management,
Aquaculture & Mariculture, Wildlife Management, Integrated Pest Management

Appropriate Technology - Energy Conservation
Waste Disposal and Recycling, Hydraulic Systems, Biothermal Systems, Solar Powered Devices, Wind Powered Devices, Design for Catastrophe & Settlement Design

Alternative Economy and LETS; Human and Animal Nutrition (Harvesting, Processing)
Recycling in the Community, The Informal Economy, The Formal Economy, Business setup (plant nursery, market garden, products, training courses), Human and Animal Nutrition

Producing a design & Peer Review / Assessment/ Certification  
Site design
Media and communications
Site development
System establishment and implementation: Manufacturing, Community development, Finance, Research
Peer Review (Assessment)
Certification ceremony

Things To Bring

Headlamp Torch!
Gardening/work clothes (long sleeve lightweight is best) 
Biodegradable soaps and shampoos (www.tripleorange.co.za products available).
Charger/battery pack for your cell phone & laptop.
A hard drive
Google, architectural or topographical map for area you wish to design. (optional)
Pens, Kokis, Pencils, Ruler, Eraser, Notebook, A3 Blank Paper, A3 Tracing Paper.


Course Cost: R8000.00 (food and rustic accommodation provided)

Application Form

Please find our Registration form here. Please complete, sign and send to jeannine@happytoes.co.za

Toward a sustainable future
Yours in good humus
Jeannine & HappyToes Team