About Us


HappyToes is a 2 hectare Permaculture farm, situated in Groot Marico. We are dedicated and excited to be researching, implementing, learning and teaching about sustainable lifestyle practices. We are creating a centre of excellence and inspiration that will empower local communities and families - especially in rural areas - to create a self-reliant, abundant, more secure and positive way of living.


Jeannine Davidoff manages the farm where a huge diversity of crops are raised and where PDC learners, interns and volunteers learn hands-on how to interact with all aspects of permaculture practices. From 1990, Jeannine’s involvement with permaculture implementation, consultation and learning across parts of Southern Africa, means she can share a great diversity of skills and knowledge with you. Jeannine has a diverse range of practice in a variety of climatic conditions from subtropical to arid semi-desert. Besides being a permaculture practitioner and consultant, Jeannine is a qualified beginner’s yoga teacher, TEFL teacher, papermaker, freelance journalist, artist and administrator.